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Person-to-Person Mood Sharing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244984D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-05
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Disclosed is a method and device that enables a user to broadcast a mood or emotions to one or more recipients.

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Person-to-Person Mood Sharing

The advent of mood alteration devices presents opportunities for people to start sharing moods with each other .

This idea relies on existing art to read a person's mood and existing art to alter a person's mood. Using those two parts, the novel contribution is a method to hook the devices to share the mood of a person to one or more recipients .

The device is composed of a broadcaster part. The person who wants to share a mood decides when to enable mood broadcasting. The broadcaster selects the allowed audience for the notification. The receiver can be a specific person, a location based broadcast, or an open broadcast into which anyone can tune. Broadcasters could also selectively filter the emotions that are sent out by type (e.g., fear, joy, sadness, etc.) and intensity (e.g., scale of 1 to 10, filter anything below or above a certain degree, etc.).

The recipient receives a list of available mood feeds and selects one to receive (i.e., tune into). The recipient also controls when to stop receiving (i.e. tune out of). The recipient can filter emotions by type and intensity.

Example applications include couples who want to feel like each other, actors or hosts of shows who want to broadcast an emotion to a crowd, or a therapy device (e.g., make criminals feel like the victims).