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System and Method for hiding sensitive data from log files in a multi-tenant cloud environment. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245011D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-05
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The article describes a system and method by which sensitive log information in a cloud based multi-tenant environment is identified and masking is performed on such sensitive log data to hide the data.

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System and Method for hiding sensitive data from log files in a multi - environment .

Many a times we see important and sensitive customer data getting logged in product/service logs. The logging is mainly done to debug and identify the cause of the issue seen by the customer in the usage or seen during development of the product. In order to identify the root cause of the issue, developers put log statements in the code for various variable and parameters that are defined in the code by developer or provided by the user while using the product/service. Logging of this data is important from the security point of view since logs can reveal critical customer information to a third party.

It is important to hide such critical customer information like user credentials (user name, password, etc). Also important are to hide customer message information that gets passed to the product since that may contain important information like Bank transaction or other critical information.

Expose of information even becomes more important in a multi-tenant environment. Since in a multi-tenant environment the logs are shared by multiple users through different tenants.

The key challenge over here is to identify the sensitive information from non-sensitive information. Once the non-sensitive information is identified then the same can masked to hide it.

Article identifies the sensitive customer information in logs in a multi -tenant cloud environment and then suggests the masking of the sensitive information to hide it .


Method uses intelligent input mechanism from others tenants to establish rules for sensitive information in a multi-tenant environment.

Helps a user who is not aware of its sensitive information with inputs form others users .

In order to use a particular software or software as a service , user needs to provide inputs to some variables to configure the software or the service . This information is provided by the user to the software/service by the user interface. Consider a simple example of a polling se...