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Close Encounters of the ICMP Type 2 Kind (Near Misses with ICMPv6 Packet Too Big (PTB)) (RFC7690) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245042D
Original Publication Date: 2016-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2016-Feb-06
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Operators of popular Internet services face complex challenges associated with scaling their infrastructure. One scaling approach is to utilize equal-cost multipath (ECMP) routing to perform stateless distribution of incoming TCP or UDP sessions to multiple servers or to middle boxes such as load balancers. Distribution of traffic in this manner presents a problem when dealing with ICMP signaling. Specifically, an ICMP error is not guaranteed to hash via ECMP to the same destination as its corresponding TCP or UDP session. A case where this is particularly problematic operationally is path MTU discovery (PMTUD) [RFC1981].

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Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                         M. Byerly Request for Comments: 7690                                        Fastly Category: Informational                                          M. Hite ISSN: 2070-1721                                                 Evernote                                                               J. Jaeggli                                                                   Fastly                                                             January 2016

                 Close Encounters of the ICMP Type 2 Kind              (Near Misses with ICMPv6 Packet Too Big (PTB))


   This document calls attention to the problem of delivering ICMPv6    type 2 "Packet Too Big" (PTB) messages to the intended destination    (typically the server) in ECMP load-balanced or anycast network    architectures.  It discusses operational mitigations that can be    employed to address this class of failures.

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 Byerly, et al.                Informational                     [Page 1]
 RFC 7690                 Misses with ICMPv6 PTB             January 2016

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