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Interactive Word Cloud Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245117D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-10
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Word clouds are used mainly as a display-only component, sometimes also supporting hyperlinks. By making the words they contain active within a single page, such as by click or hover, the word cloud can be connected to a supporting data table to explain and explore the visualization. For example, clicking a large word in the word cloud might highlight the rows of data that contributed to the popularity of that word. Embedding this responsiveness in a single page makes it convenient to explore the data that gave rise to the relative popularity that is displayed in the word cloud.

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Interactive Word Cloud

A word cloud was being used to show common words from trouble-tickets. This was presented alongside a time chart with bars to show the events reported (box left and right edge indicates start and resolution date, row indicates which asset was involved). At the bottom is a list of the actual tickets. The problem was in relating these three components; in particular, understanding the significance of the more prominent words in the word cloud.

By making the words in the word cloud selectable with mouse-click, using variations in font and/or colour to indicate the current selection, and using that selection to highlight the bars in the time chart that correspond to tickets using that word in their summary, we were able to make an interactive word cloud that permitted exploration of the data.

In the following example, the most common words are included in the word cloud, with larger fonts indicating more common words. To investigate the meaning of this, the user has clicked

on an asset ID that looked interesting to find tickets mentioning that in their summary. This highlighted trouble tickets in the time line overview, and then clicking on those bars showed the various trouble tickets that contributed to the frequency of this ID being mentioned.


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Generating the word cloud should include some algorithmic help, such as throwing away any word that occurs in more than some threshold number of all tickets, as this woul...