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Publication Date: 2016-Feb-11
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Describes a one-part, flexible, low-temperature curing epoxy resin that uses a thiol based oligomer. This technology can be useful in mobile handheld device assembly and bonding dissimilar materials.

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There are many types of adhesives used for assembling mobile hand-held devices, including pressure sensitive, hot-melt, and thermoset adhesives. Impact resistance is a critical attribute for adhesives used in these devices. Adhesives with higher elongation tend to perform better in impact and drop testing of assembled devices. Additionally, these adhesives need to have high adhesion to the metals and high performance thermoplastics, such as glass filled polyamides, used in the various components of these devices, preferably without the need for surface treatment. Lastly, if heat is necessary to cure the adhesive, the temperature should be as low as possible to limit distortion or other detrimental effects on the parts being bonded. For example, a temperature of no more than 90° C is desired. In addition, the exposure time to such elevated temperatures should be minimized, for example, less than 20 minutes.

Although two part epoxy adhesive compositions, which can cure at room temperature, are presently known for use in such applications they have the disadvantages of requiring mixing some short time prior to use and, in some cases, have a limited worklife.

To overcome these drawbacks, a one part epoxy adhesive composition, which does not require mixing prior to use and has a sufficient potlife / worklife, would be a desirable adhesive for use in such applications. However, one part epoxy adhesive compositions typically require elevated cure temperatures which may have deleterious effects on the materials being bonded together.

A commercial one-part epoxy available from 3M Company, 3M 6011 One Part Epoxy Adhesive, has been sold for use in bonding in electronic devices. This adhesive m...