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Create a virtual link between product drawing dimensions and web based tolerance stacks -- to automate tolerance stack updates, reduce human error and improve tolerance stack quality. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245145D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-12
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Product Drawing Dimensions Linked Tolerance Stack Calculations

Most manufacturing related companies perform tolerance stacks to help determine whether components properly assemble / fit and function.

Often, the dimensions used in tolerance stacks have been hand typed or manually reproduced into the stack and are not linked to the master product CAD drawing. This manual reproduction of dimensions introduces potential for error in the tolerance stack and requires time consuming manual drawing checks to see if any dimensions have changed. When changes are discovered, the designer or engineer must manually update dimensions in their stack. The manual process for updating stacks discourages frequent stack updates.

By automatically "harvesting" all CAD drawing dimensions into a company-wide dimension file, we could create a virtual link between the drawing dimensions and the tolerance stack dimensions--thereby enabling automated stack updates. The flow chart below demonstrates the idea:

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Create a unique identity for every product drawing dimension

Export drawing dimensions to a "global" company-wide dimension file

The tolerance stack program pulls dimension status from the "global" company-wide dimension file

Tolerance stack program automatically indicates required updates

Manual Decision to update stack?


Updates Not Incorporated into Stack.


Dimension Updates Incorporated and Revised Stack Calculations are completed.

Figure 1: Flowchart of Automatic...