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System and Method for Agricultural Data Analysis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245149D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-14
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Disclosed is a system and method for agricultural data analysis. The system comprises a portable soil probe device interconnected with a system to synchronize and analyze the data, and then provide recommendations for agricultural production.

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System and Method for Agricultural Data Analysis

Currently technologies are available that provide data regarding farm field conditions such as soil properties and land management. These technologies provide the user the data, but do not provide a more analytic result, which may be useful for the user. The problem lies when the farm producer does not have the knowledge to interpret the information received . This especially is a problem in developing countries where the educational barrier may limit the analytical capacity to understand the indicators .

A method is needed to interconnect the technologies that gather data from soil samples and farm field locations in order to provide more analytical information. The method must also ensure that the analytical information is easily understood by a farm field producer, so that said producer can make decisions about what to produce, and when to produce it, based on weather forecast, market trends, etc.

The novel contribution is a System and Method for Agricultural Data Analysis. This framework provides several functions toward agricultural data analysis. The new system interconnects a portable probe device and a system to synchronize data using a software application (app). The system uses the data collected through the devices for further analytical methods using a smart application.

The System and Method for Agricultural Data Analysis performs an analysis of the soil and land attributes data captured by a mobile application and a portable probe device from a farm field location . This utilizes a capability to designate a farm field location on a software map. The user inserts the probe device into an area of the farm field to read the soil components of the land. The probe device captures the data and then sends it via wired or wireless connection to the system. The system can use a global positioning system (GPS) and web mapping to capture the farm field coordinates, dimensions, location, and image map. The gathered data can be provided to the system with analytic capabilities. That system applies the data in an analytical algorithm to provide recommendations to the farm producer.

In a preferred embodiment, the operation of the system is based on the following steps.

Step 1: Soil Probe Device Input

A portable probe device is in place for measuring the different properties of soil and soil related nutrients . The device includes a probe, circuitry, meter, and Bluetooth* wireless connection. Through the probe and meter, the device performs a conductivity reading to measure the level of nutritive salts, irrigation water, fertilization and any other soil components existing within the soil sample. Because the device is portable, the user can take multiple readings from different areas of the land location that is


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undergoing analysis.

To operate the device, the user inserts the probe into the sample, where it generates electrical signal indicative of the conductivity of...