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Hybrid Driving Human Control Assist Mechanism with IOT Automation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245154D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-14
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Disclosed is an automated self-assist hybrid drive service to assist drivers who experience fear or anxiety while driving on an incline or at greater heights, thus reducing the potential for automobile accidents due to incapacitated drivers. Using Internet of Things (IOT) automation, the system monitors the blood pressure and heart rate of the driver and, upon detecting a dangerous level of anxiety, automatically uses Internet Cognitive Behavior Techniques (ICBT/CCBT) integrated with an IOT mechanism to control the driver's panic and phobia.

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Hybrid Driving Human Control Assist Mechanism with IOT Automation

A phobia is an overwhelming and unreasonable fear of an object or situation that poses little real danger but provokes anxiety and avoidance. Many drivers experience height phobia while driving in hilly or mountainous terrains. The occurrence of the phobia is highly unpredictable and can be debilitating for some while driving (e.g., high level of anxiety can cause a heart attack). This causes dangerous situations such as serious accidents.

Existing approaches have major limitations. No specific hybrid driving control mechanism currently available uses IOT in case of a human experiencing acrophobia with panic. No integrated automatic mechanisms are available that control panic attacks in driving situations involving inclines or heights. Sophisticated methods of transmission are not available as integrated mechanisms. ICBTs or CCBTs are present with psychiatrists or physicians but are not present in live situations (e.g., while a person is driving).

The proposed solution is to use Internet of Things (IOT) automation built into a vehicle to prevent and control a driver's phobia and panic attacks. In particular, a method is designed that uses Internet Cognitive Behavior Techniques (ICBT/CCBT) integrated with the IOT mechanism while driving on an incline or at greater heights to control panic and phobia in the driver. In turn, this can prevent serious accidents.

The method and system integrate a CCBT or ICBT and IOT device into a vehicle to monitor the driver and interact with the vehicle. Over a given period, the system performs an analysis at various heights while the user is driving; over the course of multiple drives, the system modifies the analysis.

In an example embodiment, the analysis of height, the user's reactions at various heights, and the drive control is done over the course of multiple drives. For example, a person is driving at a height of 1,00...