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Hood Release LED Light Indicated System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245180D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-17
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Hood Release LED Light Indicated System

Background/Traditional Approach

Automotive hoods typically open in 2 stages. First stage comes from activation of a release mechanism located inside the vehicle interior by the customer. The first stage activation typically pops the hood open only partially (usually 2 inches or less). The second stage comes from the customer who must then walk around to the front of the vehicle to begin hunting for the hood lease lever hidden in the shadows of the gap provided after the first stage activation (this location tends to differ from model to model, hindering it's quick location, besides, it's dark and usually filthy). Once hood release lever is found after hunting, searching and feeling around, completion of hood opening is easy.

New Approach

The new approach makes finding the hood release lever easier and quickly by means of illumination from a LED located in close proximity to the hood & front grill margin. This illumination occurs when the customer in the first stage pulls on the hood release lever inside the vehicle interior. The cable that connects the lever inside the interior to the hood release lever under the hood is what is used to complete the circuit and provide electrical current to the LED. Because the LED is in direct alignment to the hood release lever, it indicates to the customer exactly where to reach in to pull the lever without having to search and feel around endlessly, greatly minimizing dirt hands and/or...