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System and Method to implement smart database restore techniques for heterogeneous databases to enhance the repair algorithm using meta data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245195D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-18
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Disclosed is a automated Pluggable client module to repair the database page or object level corruptions at accelerated speed from the backup image using metadata. The proposed recovery tool will look into the Meta data of the production database and compare it with Meta data in thelatest backup image and repair the pages accordingly. The proposal is in the faster recovery algorithm based on page and object level recovery. The intelligent algorithm differentiates between the changed and unchanged objects in the database that further accelerates the database recovery.

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System and Method to implement smart database restore techniques for heterogeneous databases to enhance the repair algorithm using meta data

User Scenario

In today's competitive IT market almost all companies are focusing on 24x7 production availability with no downtime at all. This is applicable to all resources in the production environment like application, databases, server and network. The database is integral and important part of any production system and all most all database are now running 24x7. However there are some unlikely situations where database crashes or goes down due to variety of reasons. In some situation it is essential to restore the database using the backup image. In the era of ware house , the databases are in TBs size and it take days to restore the database. In such situation the production is down and is having huge impact of business. The biggest challenge for IT industry is to work on solution to reduce the down time in such disaster situation.

Solution Statement

Considering these factors and risk, our intelligent algorithm will help to reduce the restore time significantly , especially for the cases where the database crashes for cases like bad pages or corruption. Our proposal is more like the automated solution for quick repair of database in case of disaster and aim to reduce the restore time in multiple folds. One of the main benefits of this article is the ability to automatically discover the Meta data of database running in the backend without knowing any inputs from end users or administrator. It also automatically creates the Meta data during the backup process of the backup data.

The implementation of this algorithm 

Provide the capability as a plugin client application module accessible using User Interface (UI).

This can be implemented for heterogeneous databases before or after the crash to gather the Meta data in client database (this can be configurable by end user). This module can gather the required Meta data during every operation performed on the database for each and every tables enabled for restore using this module. The new proposed module could continuously gather the

Meta data or can be enabled on optional basis based on implementer and user requirements.

Other aspect that we would like to highlight for our Restore algorithm is that our algorithm can optionally create this Meta data for the all or required tables from the backup image as afterthought recovery mechanism also.

Known solutions

Various restore methods and products based on log files and backup for recovery. Vendor specific services for data recover
Contact to product support and asked for support.

Drawbacks of known solutions

They do not support recovery from heterogeneous databases


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They are more dependent on the complete data and log backup being available for restore.

They cannot do the recovery as afterthought (E.G. dropped table recovery cannot be enabled as afterthought and should...