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Intelligent Mute Warning During Conference Calls Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245199D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-18
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There is proposed an intelligent method which will warn the user when microphone is not on mute and the user is not talking relevant in the context. This is heuristic method which would be running on the user telephone and would guide the user to mute the phone by giving a sound, or a led blink on the phone based on the user settings.

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Intelligent Mute Warning During Conference Calls

During conference calls its very common that other than the active Speaker, everyone else mute the microphones to avoid the surrounding disturbances. In some cases if other users forgot to mute the microphone,

the disturbance may interrupt the ongoing discussion in the conference call. Situations may sound weird when the non-active speaker talks something irrelevant while he is unaware that the microphone is currently not on mute.

There are no known solutions to warn the user in these kind of situations.

During conference calls, non active speakers may carry a conversation outside of the conference discussion without being heard by other participants who are present in the conference call. While doing so if any of the non active speakers forgot to mute and carry out a personal/irrelevant discussion it will disturb the ongoing discussion. Unless one of the other participants
tells the non-active speaker may not realize that his microphone is not on mute and may continue speaking.

In the above scenario and for similar cases our proposed method intelligently finds the microphone is not on mute and warns the non active speaker.

The proposed feature is provided as a controllable option in telephone which can be enabled/disabled based on user choice.

When enabled the system will alert the user to go on mute during certain scenarios that are intelligently detected by the proposed method.

A heuristic method is proposed which would use following steps to identify whether user is speaking without muting.

1. Identify the language being spoken:

The algorithm running in the phone would detect the language being spoken while there is a voice being generated from the user. This is compared against the language setting of the phone or the usual language in which the user usually participates. This can be set by the user or phone would automatically infer the language that is usually spoken based on parameters like country, calendar language, phone settings etc. If the language spoken at the moment is different than what is usually spoken, there is probability that user has forgot to mute.

2. Quality of the Sound:

Quality of the voice is considered as one parameter in identifying whether user has forgot to mute. User may move away from the phone once his turn of speaking is completed during a conference call. Also user may speak away from the phone if he is involved any other talk. To detect such situations, quality of sound plays an important role. Quality of sound varies when user is speaking closer to the phone or speaking from some distance away from the phone.

3. Multiple Voices Detected

During a conference call, multiple people register by saying names to attend a conference call. When the call starts, the software will parse the text and identify the number of people on the call. E.g., "Hi this is Manish and Phani here". The software will convert this to text and identify that two people are...