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Method to share GPS location of a transport vehicle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245208D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-18
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Disclosed is a system that helps in tracking a person, who does not have a tracking device, travelling is a vehicle. (To track a person, not having a tracking device (like GPS), a co-traveller’s tracking device information can be shared anonymously and associated with the location of the vehicle in which the person is travelling.)

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Method to share GPS location of a transport vehicle

Tracking the location of a person travelling requires a GPS enabled device connected to the network with the person and he/she has to share such information with the other person who wants to track. If the person who is travelling, does not have such a device with him/her, or if the device gets disconnected on the way, it is not possible to track the person unless the vehicle that he is travelling in has a similar GPS system and its information is public.

In cases where the person (PersonB) being tracked does not have a GPS enabled device or has not shared such information with the person (PersonA) who wants to track, the GPS location of fellow travellers travelling in the same vehicle can be used. This is because ALL the passengers travelling in the same vehicle would have similar location coordinates and location of one passenger can used to identify the location of some other passenger in the same vehicle. The GPS location of a person using a device enabled with a GPS tracking system, can be shared with the vehicle that s/he is travelling in. Once it is shared, anybody who wants to track the vehicle or any other person travelling in the that vehicle would be able to do so.

Consider the case where, P2 and P3 are travelling in a vehicle V1. P2 does not have any GPS enabled device. On the other hand P3 has a GPS enabled device and is connected to the network. Also, assume that P1 wants to track the location of...