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Three Dimensional 3D Sports Tournament Bracket Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245222D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-18
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Disclosed is a method for displaying a sports tournament bracket as a three-dimensional (3D) map.

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Three Dimensional 3D Sports Tournament Bracket

Currently, the most common representation of a sports tournament is a simple, one-dimensional bracket diagram. Icons of team names, country flags, and team logos are often added. Other representations can be radial or in some sort of networking image.

When sports tournaments include teams from widely dispersed geographic areas as well as widely separated game or match locations, fans and followers can have difficulty identifying when and at which location a particular team is scheduled to play.

The novel contribution is a method for displaying a sports tournament bracket as a three-dimensional (3D) map. It shows the teams' origins (e.g., country, city, state, etc.), the locations of the teams' events, and any other visually appropriate information. Filters can be applied to the information to clarify the representation.

In an example use case, the 3D bracket method for a basketball tournament shows all the teams in a bracket format, where each is playing, and the teams' bracket levels. For a world soccer tournament, it shows all the teams and where each match takes place.

To configure the 3D bracket:

1. Establish or have access to a database of all the pertinent information A. Team: name, logo, colors, geo-coordinates home location B. Bracket information: which teams are in the pairing, geo-coordinates of event location(s)

2. Set initial values for all filters

A. Default layout i. height for each bracket round (i.e....