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A Method to identify and verify Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245228D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-19
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A Method to identify and verify Field Replaceable Unit (FRU)

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A Method to identify and verify Field Replaceable Unit (FRU)

Disclosed method will help Product Engineers (PE)/Customer Engineers (CE) to identify exact location of the right hardware which is malfunctioning or needed a hardware upgrade.

Currently there isn't any direct method of identifying the FRU parts location code physically. Some time location code written in the cover of the system with diagram indicating the hardware is not easily found.

FRU Parts plug-in socket with a button can help any one to identify its location code. When the button pressed, its location code/Hardware/FRU details should be displayed in Op-panel or wifi-display if enabled. This will help PE/CEs to easily identify and double check the parts location before removing it. This will be helpful and avoid mistakes during hot plug of the parts etc.

The Button pressed will indicate which FRU callout is the hardware related to and hence displays the same on Op-Panel and suggests if the right hardware is mapped for replacement or identification. Reworks minimized.

The Op-panel in turn will have the same information presented to the tablet/PDA/Smart device which is in sync with the hardware as part of management console. The FRU identifier will give the information to thru wifi on to sync device. This will help PE/CEs to identify the bad/replaceable hardware.

Scenario: 1

There are 4 DIMM's on a particular hardware with assigned D1,D2,D3,D4 FRU identifiers in sequence. assume that there is a Fault in D2 and the PE's need to replace the DIMM or also an example of Upgrade DIMM capacity of D2 as shown in Fig1, This case needs a replacement of D2 DIMM.

The PE/CE's may think D3 as sequence to be faulty but in actual the D2 is the 2nd slot from the Top and not 2nd from the End. To clear this problem each individual slot will have a button which can be used as an identifier and will give the location and hardware information to op-panel for identification.


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Fig 1

Fig 2

Scenario; 2

The server in field has lower memory and now a user thinks he can add memory space by replacing hardware of 128GB to 512GB, The User needs to check which one...