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Enhanced Ambulance management system for handling emergencies Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245235D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-19
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Disclosed is a method to enhance ambulance management system for identification of best hospital based on calculating precise logistic delays and criticalness of patient.

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Enhanced Ambulance management system for handling emergencies


In todays world ambulance management system uses an analytic algorithm to choose best hospital for a particular emergency and it is dependent on;

1. Route decision based on the traffic / congestion conditions.

2. Selection of nearby hospital based on the symptoms of emergency (i.e. when observed heart emergency symptoms, the analytic algorithm suggests hospital-X, whereas for lung emergency suggests hospital-Y).

However the current EMS (Emergency Medical Services) algorithm does not consider the following situations while choosing the route, hospital;

1. Maximum about of time left for the patient to lose consciousness or partial loss or death.

2. Method used by the hospital management team to carry the patient to emergency room and delay caused by it.

3. Concerned doctor / specialist / equipment availability.

As a result of missing the above mentioned cases, today's medical services fail to provide high efficiency in emergency management.

Main Concept:

Core concept is a provision of a framework or an algorithm that can be integrated with the traditional medical services and helps in offering better ambulance management by considering the seriousness of patient(s), estimating the maximum time left for patient(s) before losing total consciousness, logistic method used by the hospital management to take the patient(s) to emergency room, concerned doctors availability / current location etc.

Core concept in Pictorial Representation:


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Figure-1: Traditional Emergency Medical Service management where hospitals are suggested based on distance, traffic conditions

Figure-2: Proposed algorithm which calculates the ma...