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Method and apparatus for test gamification Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245310D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-29
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This article presents a method and system of test gamification. Test gamification considers factors of many test aspacts like test coverage, defects, spending time, etc. With the method provided in this article, testers would be motivated to do better testing with fun.

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Method and apparatus for test gamification

In current software development life cycle, test team needs to do manual or automation testing to ensure product quality. Test scenario may be written down, or with detail steps or with some rough guideline, depends on product dev requirement, test team's style or tester's personality. Even test scenario is written down with detail, whether all the documented steps can be executed as plan is hard to control. And considering the schedule & resources limitation, whether enough test coverage can be executed are depended on tester's experience to choose proper scope of scenarios for executing. At the same time, test team may need to run the similar test cases again & again when there is new build or product released. Test resource will feel exhausted to do repeated testing. We truly needs to bring encourage mechanism to inspire test resources to ensure test coverage and efficiency.

To get customer feedback for developed product, we also would like to invite end user to explore product feature. We expect user can use much larger scale of product features to give feedback. How to encourage end user to enlarge coverage, it's a common requirement as well.

Here we invented a method and apparatus to encourage test team or end user to explore product features with larger coverage in shorter time, and provide entertaining prize or symbolic punishment for fun.

We invented a method and apparatus for gamification in test framework.