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Method and apparatus of multiple in-door locating device identity matching Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245312D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-29

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First there is a device db which saves devices based wifi or bluetooth with their real time location information. Then using the device db to extract the visiting journey by journey builder includes building the every device data by date and sorting device by the number of occurrence days. Then generate the device's mapping candidates by computing the possibility of mapping candidates Then list the trajectory data of device bd001 and wd002 between overlapped time at each same day.If one of matched days don't have homology trajectories on the overlapped time, the candidate will be remove. Else select the candidate with maximum possibility as the confirmed mapping result, others as suspected candidates. Then select the possible locations according to time limit, calculate the distance of two points and select the point with the minimum length as the matched point. determine the matched point according to distance limit, calcuate wheter the trajectory is similarity. At last we renovate the matched devices. If it has confirmed binding device d, if new device is detected and is the only one, we can put the new device as the suspected device. Else if the new device d is the only compatible one, then put the device d as the suspected new device, an remove device d from the candidate list if necessary. Else if it does not have confirmed binding, but with previous candidate device list if new device is alright exited in candidate list, update the possibility pold of device d as pnew=max(pold,m),otherwise insert the new device and possibility into the candidate list.