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A intelligent system and method of maneuvering or parking the car Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245313D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-29
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This article presents a method of moving cars automatically. One car can be moved away from a park place without the owner being around with authorization and authentication, another car can park in the park place instead. This method could be very useful in many scenarios.

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A intelligent system and method of maneuvering or parking the car

You have a reserved parking space in the parking lot of the village you are living. But sometimes, the parking space was occupied by other people (called A). If no other available park space, you just park your car behind the car which is parking in your space. Then if A want to move his car, he must call you to move your car firstly. If you are sleeping, it's very uncomfortable for you to wake up and run to the parking space.

In this disclosure, we present an intelligent system and method of maneuvering or parking the car.




The system contains server, client and database. The server can process the request, manage parking loat on real time and manage the authority. The client can send and receive the request and trigger the actions.

The car owner can give other car number owner the authority to move his car. When other car owner want to move the car, he doesn't need to ask the car owner's confirmation. This is called pre authorization.

The authority is not really driving the car. It's an authority to trigger the action to move the car automaticlly.

The car owner can specify the route of moving the car.

Other car owner can also request the authority to move the car.

The Architecture:

The system contains server, clients and database.The server can process the requests from clients and communicate with the database which contains car id and car owners information, parking lot and ot...