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Fold pageable table Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245315D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-29
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Thpis article describes a method to easily manipulate table which contains many columns by supporting spliting table into pages and folding pages like a newspaer.

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Fold pageable table

For tables which has lots of columns, it's hard to browse data cross columns especially when you need to browse data in columns which are separated by many other columns.

This invention supports fold table by customized pages.

--A table which contains many columns could be split into pages which contains specified amount of columns. --The pages of table could be fold like a newspaper. A page in "fold" status will be displayed in a certain angularity depends on how many pages in "fold" status are displayed in the same screen. Hence, one screen can display more data than today.

--Since the table is split into pages, each individual page could be hidden or displayed.

Below are implementation steps:


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Split table or other content into pages

Pages could be zoom in/out by displaying in a certain degree and also fold/draw like newspaper

Business value

Table is an very common media to process data. It's more and more important in a Big data world. However, browse table which has many columns is not simple especially in Mobile platform which has limited size of screen. This invention could make it easier to browse table(or other content) especially in a small screen since pageable table and fold/draw pages is easy to be implemented and operated in a touch-screen platform.