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Context and content based push messages aggregator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245319D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-29
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Instead of avoid receiving the pushed messages, our invention is to perform the recycle for the pushed messages and utlize them. Our invention could aggregate the pushed messages that relate to the context/content users are browsing. Users won't need to switch between applications. Users can invoke the aggregated messages by certain gesture or force touch on mobile.

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Context and content based push messages aggregator

Everyday, we read a lot of news and messages. The news and messages may come from different applications (news readers, social applications, etc). But usually we would like to read news by similar topics or keywords, not by applications. i.e. we may want to cross check if other news readers which installed on the system has similar pushed news recently. For example, when we are interested in a push message talking about a travel destination, we may also want to check the push messages from a travel information application or a travel booking application to see if there are any recommendations or promotions for that trip.

Now to archive this, we have to open the other applications one by one in order to read them. It is really not so convenient by switching applications back and forth and find the messages with similar topics and keywords.

Our invention is to aggregate the pushed messages which belong to the same type of applicationsin the application that users is currently using. For example: An user opens a News app to show the news, then all these pushed messages from other News apps are aggregated together for further reference.

Besides the aggregated pushed messages can not only be categorized as application type but also by keywords

but also by keywords

but also by keywords,

,, content or topics

                                                                               content or topics. For example, a user opens a news about "travel" related in News app, then all the pushed message about travel news are aggregated together. Keywords, sentimental analysis, big data are including but not limited to.

Another scenario below shows how we dealing with emails.

1. Reading a mail

2. Aggregate related push messages (which are from different apps with same categories . ex news ) into the same UI

3. This will help users to read related message

4. Also apply to Credit card bill and show related transaction pushed messages on the same UI

Claim points:

1. Aggregate the pushed messages which belong to the same type of application in the context

2. Aggregate the pushed messages which have same keywords, content or topics in the context

3. Above conditions could be either one or coexist

4. Keywords, sentimental analysis, big data are including but not limited to

5. Users don't need to switch applications back and forth

The following is taking the email app w/ Travel related pushed messages as the reference to explain the idea.


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For example, the user checks the email related to travel, when the user is reading this Trave email, the past pushed messages related to travel will show up in a list at the bottom of the screen with transparent style. Such as, hotel message, car rental message or coupon message, etc,. And, the user can define the period of the pushed message, like he/she wants to show up the related pushed messages for the past 1 month. Then, when the user force touch the message, it shows up the detailed content of this message. Through this...