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Advanced text properties preview toolkit in document processor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245321D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-29
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A crossing web applicaton browser extension to identfy all text propertes in current opened web editors. It will analyze user behavior to create text propertes preference. It also provides a method to apply text property into the clipboard before pastng. An intuitve graphic preview will simulate the outlook of coming text before insertng or pastng.

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Advanced text properties preview toolkit in document processor

When users input text in the documents, they may not know what properties of the text will be since different applications apply the different rule for the default properties. Users will find the properties of the text not expected after seeing the text appears on the screen. They need to take the extra steps to select the text on the screen and update the preferred properties . Sometimes the difference between the actual properties and the expected one is slight and unobvious on the screen so that users may not be able to catch it by eyes.

This invention provides a mechanism to detect the text property before and after the cursor . When the browser load the web page, the plug-in will search the web page content to see if tag "

" exists. If the plug-in detects the cursor in the text area by using Web API: HTMLInputElement.selectionStart. The plug-in will temporary select the nearby character of cursor and check if the selection is rich text using DataTransfer.getData(format). The pop-up window will show the text preview to simulate the inserting text (Fig. 1). It reminds users the differences between the properties of the texts going to input and the properties of the following texts.

Fig. 1

When user pastes rich text, the plug-in will analyze the property in the clipboard using clipboardData.getData('text/html') . It lets user apply the text property to the text in the clipboard before pasting the te...