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Method of Crowd-sourcing Camera Settings Based on Social Media Rankings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245325D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-29
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A method defines a crowd sourcing based auto-photography setting mechansm as option to enhance predefined Auto-photographing Setting rules. The mechanism inlcude auto-photographing setting feedback daemon to collect social media feedback on a specified location or object.

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Method of Crowd-sourcing Camera Settings Based on Social Media Rankings

Sharing photos on social media is an important part of social networking for most people. Most digital cameras on smart phones or tablets can share or save photos instantly to social media sites, cloud storage sites, and other user's devices. These smart devices have even smarter characteristics. Users can simply "like" or "share" a favorite photo on a social media site by clicking on their devices.

Digital cameras also provide variable settings such as "manual" and "automated" modes. The "automated" setting is predefined for taking photographs at the right time and location. Modern digital cameras encode EXIF (exchangeable image file format) data (i.e. geo-location, time, shutter speed and lens focal length, etc) into the image file.

Since most automatic setting rules are predefined, there is no sufficient feedback mechanism that can readjust the automatic settings. In addition, most camera setting rules are not based on user preferences. The advantage of automatic settings is that the predefined settings will not fail. The disadvantage is that the desired shooting result is not always obtained. Manual settings of multiple users can also be set in a digital cameras. Unfortunately, for the general user and depending on the scene, the ideal photograph is difficult to obtain based on manual settings. Digital camera settings can be re-adjusted based on crowd sourcing feedback received from soci...