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Method and Apparatus of Damaged Bar Code Recognition Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245354D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-03
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A Method of Damaged Bar Code Recognition by using image fix and possible code matching based on temporal-special information, including: –Line Sweeping Method based Horizontal Fix, –Valid code segment detect and possible code searching –Code match in the pre-established DB by temporal-special distance, scan frequency The apparatus including: –Image fix for horizontal fix process, –DB for scan history storage, –Code searching and matching machine.

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Method and Apparatus of Damaged Bar Code Recognition

Bar code is widely used in industry

Bar code vs. QR codeBar code will not be replaced by QR code This is a common view in industryBecause QR code
- Need expensive scan device (RMB100 vs. RMB1000 with the same reading speed)

- Cannot be used in complicated environment (e.g. curved surface of product, supermarket)

- Cannot be read manually, while bar code can be manually recognized through the number below it

- Has large amount of data, which is not necessary in many cases.

Bar code vs. RFID
- RFID has many advantages while bar code doesn't have,

- But RFID is much more expensive than bar code. ($2 per RFID chip vs. almost free on packing)

Device cannot recognize the damaged or stained bar code, if the damaged or stained area covers most of the code.

Also, recognition by the number below manually is also impossible.

Two kinds of damaged:
Horizontal damaged

Vertical damaged


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Main Idea

Key Findings:



1. Horizontal damage can be fixed through image processing, since the valid bars cover all the bars in the code. extend the valid bar to the whole vertical range.

2. However, vertical damage cannot be fixed by extending, because some bars are totally invisible under the damage.

Our Finding: Code scan behavior has temporal-special gathering feature. i.e. in the same or near special and time region, the specific code could be scanned multiples times. E.g. products in supermarket, warehouse, shop.

We can use the valid bars (the part of the whole barcode) as the match keys to search the possible lost bars, which are searched frequently in that temporal-special region.



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Details - Horizontal Fix & Integrity Check
Horizontal Fix

- Line Sweeping Process

For each pixel i of vertical from up to down

- Detect the pixel code on the horizontal line of the pixel .

- labelled as (B)lack, (W)hite and (Y)ellow, Record the color code as Ci. E.g. Ci = BBBBBWWWWYYYYWWWWBBBB…

- Combine all the Ci to one code, by process a special AND operation on all the Ci.

- Valid || Valid = Valid;...