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In-car object change alert system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245364D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-04
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The method is a semi-automatical alert system in car driving based on object status change and user interaction. System shows the potential objects which can be monitored on the screen based on previous trained model, end user selects one or more objects, when the monitored oject status changes, system gives an alert to driver. The system is light weight that can be easily imported into any existing car computer or recorder.

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--car object change alert system

car object change alert system

When we are waiting in traffic jam and the (red) traffic light, we can



' t import any other hardware of the car, it can be achieved by current car computer or Driving Recorder.

s semi-automatic, so it

' s more accurate and driver doesn

' t need to change their habit. It


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In this invention, in-car object change alert system is used to help driver to know when he should drive the car. In this way, when he is waiting for traffic light or traffic jam, he can to do other personal things and don

' t need to focus on traffic light or other cars.

The flowchart of this approach is shown in Figure 1. It contains two phrases:

1) Object changes action training: We should define items which are suitable for using as detecting object, for example, traffic lights, car plates. At the same time, we should define the change action for these items, for example, traffic light color changes, car plates becomes smaller. Then we can get a model.

2) Online detection: When the car is stopping, Driving Recorder takes a photo and uses the model to detect items in this picture, then use square frame to tell drivers these items can be selected. Drivers use finger to select one or more items. System now is working on monitoring these items based on the model. When the action is performed, system play a sound to alert drivers.


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Automatic driving system which...