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Low Power Infrared Laser Based Don/Doff Sensor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245386D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-04
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A low power infrared laser sensor system to detect proximity for the purpose of indicating don/doff of a headset or other wearable device.

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Invention Disclosure Form

1. Title of Invention

Low power infra-red laser based don/doff sensor.

2. Application

Applicable to headsets/wearables that use don/doff sensing, but have some reliability issues for this feature. Could be applied to speakerphone systems by detecting proximity of a user.


Field of the Invention:

Sensing of the wearing state of a headset or other wearable technology or proximity sensing for the purpose of the communications state of the device.



Some headsets have don/doff sensors to detect the wearing state of the product. Sometimes this is not reliable for a number of reasons, resulting in some users disabling the feature. This invention uses a laser (low power infrared) sensor to detect the proximity of a surface to enhance the reliability of the don/doff sensing system


Previous Solutions:

Currently, this process uses capacitive sensing, which needs to be calibrated specifically to each type of product, and expected range of operation, including temperature.


Description of the Invention:

The application of a low power infrared laser sensor system can detect vibrations of the skin of a user, which can be tuned to detect proximity based on calibration of the returned signal from the laser emission. This can be done by monitoring the laser reflection of the wearer's body/cheek/other in the analog domain, which is converted to a digital signal that is fed to a DSP for processing. The information used to enhance don/d...