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Multi-proving Test Structure using Efuse Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245403D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-07
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Disclosed is a system for enabling multi-proving test structure using Efuse.

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Multi-proving Test Structure using Efuse

Figure 1 illustrates schematic of a conventional test structure, wherein each pad for current pad can be used for only one device, except for some ground pad. Such restriction increases the area when a lot of devices are required to be tested. There is a need to characterize more and more devices, therefore an efficient test structure is required.

Figure 1


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Disclosed is a system for enabling multi-proving test structure using Efuse. Figure 2 illustrates schematic of the test structure in accordance with the system disclosed herein.

Figure 2

In accordance with the system, the new padset includes eFUSE to test different devices at different levels. Such system helps in saving area of the test structure.

Using the test structure disclosed herein, first set of device is tested at a certain level. After cutting the eFUSE, another set of devices are testable in this test structure. Also, at a certain upper level, additional devices can be tested regardless of the previously tested devices


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The test structure enables testing of all devices at one level by using a test sequence. As per the test sequence, first set of devices are tested first, and then the eFUSE is disconnected. eFUSE can be disconnected by flowing a certain current after measuring the previously formed devices. Thereafter second set of devices are tested.

In an embodiment, the test structure can also contain eFUSE device as a device to...