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Smart Cloud Printer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245445D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-10
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Described is how a smart card implementation can make a "smart cloud" printer more secure and, at the same time, more accessible. A smart cloud printer is a printer with a smart card reader attached to it - either integrated or USB-attached, and it can operate as a normal printer or as a "secure printer".

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Smart Cloud Printer

With most printers today, there is a lack of ability to print personal or secure documents unless that printer is attached to a personal computer and not available to anyone else but the owner of that personal computer. On the other hand, shared printers lack security. If it is desired to print sensitive information at a shared printer, a person must get to the printer right away so that the sensitive information is not exposed to others as they are waiting for their jobs to print or when they are at the printer to pick up their print jobs. Also, if a person wants to submit their jobs to a cloud printer, cloud security could be an issue.

    A smart card can provide the security lacking with both shared printers and cloud printers. The smart card envisioned is one with an applet installed on it, which allows for the creation of a personal public/private key pair. The smart card is initialized by its owner on a computer at which time an applet is loaded onto the card and a personal asymmetric key (i.e., public/private key pair) is created within the applet. A symmetric key is also created by the applet.

    Thereafter, when a print job is desired, the user inserts their smart card, enters a Personal Identification Number (PIN), and accesses the public key. The public key is sent to the cloud to establish a cloud printer queue whose queue header is the public key. The document is sent to the smart card and encrypted by the symmetric key. The encrypted document is then "signed" by the private key, and the...