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System and method for secure self service shopping in a physical store using mobile phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245460D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-11
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System and method for secure self service shopping in a physical store using mobile device. A mobile application will be used to purchase the items by scanning its bar code and make payment in the end.

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System and method for secure self service shopping in a physical store using mobile phone

Disclosed is a system for secure self shopping in a physical store using mobile device. The self service system will use an application installed on the users mobile device. Once user come to super market, he has to register at the entrance and will get an activation key (per session) on his mobile device. The shopping session is activated by adding the session key to the mobile application. The user goes in front of a merchandise, he would like to buy and scans the bar code/QR code using the device camera and specify the quantity. That many items are dispensed and also added to the customers bill. The user pays the bill using the mobile application and then carries the merchandise to the exit gate. The exist gate will open if the payment is done - and the shopping session is terminated.

The system consists of a central server that is capable of sending push notifications to the mobile application. The application will communicate with the server over WiFi that is either provided by the store itself or the customers use his own mobile network connection. The server is also communicating with the disperser machines, return machine, entry door and exit door.

Entering the store:
The entrance doors of the super market have bar codes affixed to them. On entering the supermarket, the user scans the barcode at the entrance door. The mobile application asks how many people are entering and then the shopping session is activated. Super market's door uses existing technology of revolving door / wickets and allows 1 person at a time. It receives message to allow selected persons to go through.

Shopping : The Super market aisles are lined with dispensing machines with a transparent front cover for security. Each dispenser machine will be connected to a server. Each dispenser has bar codes of the items in the display e.g: ¼ kg packet of sugar, 1 kg packet of sugar, ½ kg packet of rice, 1 kg packet of rice etc. Each bar code is coded for the item as well as the dispenser machine location. If user wants to buy 5 kg rice, he has to go to that dispenser machine and scan the corresponding bar code using the camera on the mobile devi...