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Methods of sequencing email transactions based on relevant owner of the email content Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245462D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-11
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Intelligent way of directing any incoming document pointing to several recipients to the correct recipient based on analyzed collaborative data and context of the email. Further, cascading the email through next level of relevant recipient to avoid delay in responses or action to be taken. At the end, collating the entire data and have each recipient receive a final copy with all the updates.

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Methods of sequencing email transactions based on relevant owner of the email content

Email interactions have become a rigorous and rapid mode of communication these days. Business decisions revolve around the notes sent across over emails. At times, there are business decisions which go wrong due to incorrect information communicated over email. Whereas, further complications are observed if the right person does not respond to the right email thread to make a best business decision.

We have often seen multiple interactions which happen due to incorrect or improper information exchanged over emails. Currently, there are no solutions which cater or attempt to have correct information flowing across emails.

Our article is solution provided to avoid incorrect information to be floated across emails. We are catering to the most common problems we face while responding to emails, where we are not sure if the response given by us is correct based on the business need or is in the interest of the organization.

This auto sequencing of mail threads would thus help avoid any misunderstandings, avoid wrong responses, limit mail conversation threads to minimum needed and mainly, help to take the right decisions.


1. Sequencing of email(s) through the recipient list in such a manner that the content of the email and ownership of the activity is narrated through the correct recipient.

2. Cascading the email further based on next level of ownership for any unattended / response required documents based on content.

Use Case:

Acronyms used PM - Product Manager, AR - Architect, PRM - Project Manager

1. Domain Expert: Consider a client interaction with a development team. The client writes an email to the development team with users queries about the recent deliverable. Client marks all the development folks in TO list including the PM and PRM. Now, when we are marked in TO list, most of the times its obvious that anyone from the TO list can respond and answer. Consider a situation where the development folks have the information which is not with recent updates. This information can be technical like design or expected output from a feature, etc. As the per the first cut, the dev team has an update about the planned output. But there was a recent discussion between the AR and the PM which turned out to be design changer, indirectly affecting UI, output, etc. Now there would be confusion if one of the dev members, say a dev lead responds to the clients query. How can this be take care of without any manual intervention?

We propose method by which business intelligence would be derive...