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Smart Development Method For Mobile Apps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245465D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-11
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A new development method is proposed for app developers to provide the executable of the app in two combined formats. One format is full app version and another is moderated version of the app. The full app version would have the complete functionality of the app and the moderated version of the app would be a mini foot print of the app. These two formats would be combined in a single app executable. The proposed method will facilitate app development which will allow developers to specify what is a must have feature and what is a optional/nice to have feature. The code for the nice/optional feature will be in a separate jar (component). If the device is running low on space, the nice to have features for unused app will be moved to the cloud.

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Smart Development Method For Mobile Apps

Now a days everyone is gradually moving away from browser versions and providing only apps due to its freedom to execute in an OS environment compared to running in a browser. As the trend continues and it is predicted that number of apps in future mobile devices would be reasonably big in number. There is a individual app for each functionality needed by the mobile device user. User has got multiple requirements and multiple apps get installed on mobile device. As the number of apps increase on a mobile device, it poses following problems/challenges:

1. Apps would eat up the storage on the mobile device
2. Apps which are installed for one-time-use would not be usually un-installed after the use because we may never know when the app would be used again. Lots of rarely used apps would be lying around the phone unnecessarily occupying the storage .

3. Unused apps may cause performance problems due to one or threads of the application running in the background and occupying internal memory of the mobile device.

4. It is often difficult to find which is the best suited app for your requirement as there are large number of apps from multiple vendors serving the similar requirement. There is no quick way to get a look and feel of the app without entirely downloading it.

We propose a new app development mechanism to solve the above problems.

For example, Apps also have a bunch of images which take up a lot of space, developers will be expected to have multiple versions of the images. low resolution, high resolution, etc and fit them in the appropriate components. If there is less space the high resolution images will be moved to cloud and it will only use low resolution images.

The complete description is given in the section below

We propose a new app development mechanism where the app developer would provide the installable in multiple components in modularized fashion. The app would typically consist of the following components:
1. Core functionality component
2. Fully loaded component
3. Moderated Component

Core functionality component consists of the tasks which the app is supposed to do. These tasks are what is being expected from the app by the mobile user. This component works in tandem either with fully loaded component or the moderated component, depending on the user choice.

The fully loaded component is the complete version of the app. App developer would decide what needs to fit in what component. There is no limitation to what developer can provide here and app can use any OS resources without any restriction. For example, high resolution images, help videos, can be provided as part of this component.

Moderated component contains the stripped version of the app. This will have modules/tasks which can run with minimum memory. There will be lot of limitations on what developer can provide as part of this component. This component cannot have modules which can consume more memory, storag...