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Ease of Clearing Recent Activity for any Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245468D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-11
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Ease of Clearing Recent Activity for any Application in Windows Operating System to make your system well secured

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Ease of Clearing Recent Activity for any Application

By this article, we can clear the recent activity of any application from the system with just one click instead of selecting each activity then removing it from the recent activity list.

My article will help the users to clear the recent activity very easily. Until now, if at all you want to clear the recent activity for each application in Start Menu, you have to select each application -> Go to Recent Activity -> Right Click on Activity -? Click on Remove from the list.

But just think, if you have recent activity for one application like 100 activities. Do you think it would be easy to delete all 100. It would take lots of time and stress. And if you had to delete the same for multiple applications in your start menu, it would be a burden for us.


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So I would recommend to have an option which clears the entire recent activity irrespective of the number of activities with just one click. When we go to Start Menu -> Select the application -> Select any of the recent activity -> Right click on it -> Click on Clear the list.,

This would ensure to clear all the recent activity. This would also help if it is a public computer accessed by various users and if you do not want someone to watch over your last viewed activity. This is primarily useful when handling any confidential documents to secure the privacy. Because, there are scenarios even if you delete the file from your system it would still exi...