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Extracting the Data from Mobile to personal Email. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245470D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-11
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Disclosed is a system and method to safeguard your mobile data into your personal email account. The personalized and confidential mobile data such as messages, images, audio, video, contact details etc.. Can be access, extract from your personal email account without having to create the separate email account.

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Extracting the Data from Mobile to personal Email .

A method and system can be used to read and obtain data from personal mobile device regardless of the type of data and save in into his/her personal email. This method can be used to obtain the data from the mobile device without having to create the separate email account or messaging environment which will help individual to search the mobile data into his/her personal email account.

This Method will greatly help individual to read, search and share the mobile data like messages, images, audio, video, and address book, contact details from his/her personally configured email account. This will also greatly benefit in case if the mobile crash, or physically damaged . In case of loss or theft of mobile device you will still have your mobile data available in your personal email account
The informative and knowledge based data are generally stored into handy mobile and email accounts.

The email id can be configured into individual mobile and can access email data from mobile. Whereas there is no method or the gateway which allows to access, extract the mobile data from your personal email account.

This article includes the method to access or extract the mobile data from your email account.

1. Identify the access/connect point which will allow the communication between the mobile device and the email server.

2. Established the connection between mobile device and email account from email server.

3. Perfo...