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System to render translations for images

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245471D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-11
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The proposed system should translate text inscriptions present on images from one language to another without making changes to the image. It gives the end user the option of validating the translation and making changes/corrections before embedding the translated text back into the image.

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System to render translations for images

Globalization of content has been a trend since long. The need for translation of documentation is imperative when it has to be referenced across multiple nations and cultures. There is a bouquet of systems or methods available for translation of the text part of the application or its documentation. However, when you translate a web page or document and it contains screen shots or images with inscriptions in one language and needs to be translated into a different language, we do not have an appropriate solution.

Web search has provided various systems which can translate inscriptions on pictures upon photographing them but they are hardly of use when it comes to translating a document with text and images from one language to another.

The image translation system should identify and capture an image from the source document (a document or a webpage). (All image formats including but not limited to

jpg, png, gif are to be identified.)

System should capture the coordinates and the area occupied by the text within the image.

System should translate the text inscriptions embedded in the images in the source document to a different desired language.

After translating, the system should provide the user with the option of validating the translated text and editing/correcting the text before the text is embedded back to the image from where original text is captured.

Translated text should be inscribed back on the image based...