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Gradient head insert mechanical workflow concept

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245473D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-11
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Fig 1 Splittable insert MRI gradient coil with rail and conductor device.


The invention relates to an (insert) gradient coil arrangement for a magnetic resonance examination system. The magnetic resonance examination system comprises a patient support to support the patient to be examined in the examination space.


According to the invention, the gradient coil arrangement comprises a posterior part that is connectable to the patient support. An anterior part is provided connectable to the posterior part. When connected the anterior and posterior part functions as a gradient coil to apply a gradient magnetic field in a region enclosed by the gradient coil arrangement.  The posterior part can be moved into the examination zone with the patient support.

Preferably a rail arrangement is provided at the interface between the posterior and anterior parts to allow easy insert of the anterior part over the posterior part.

The connections between the anterior and posterior part preferably generate both mechanical and electrical connections.

The gradient coil arrangement of the invention forms a removable gradient insert with allows a practical workflow in the insert gradient can be easily slid into position. An open access space is formed to the patient during preparation.

We propose a gradient insert coil using a splittable design. Posterior part of the gradient coil is partly located under or on the patient bed and can automatically be removed. The anterior part can be removed and conductors of the coil parts are connected via rail contact system.

The bottom gradient coil can be moved and inserted to electrical and water supply device. All connecting cables and cooling tubes are below the patient bed and not visible. The anterior (Top) part of the gradient coil is supplied via the posterior gradient coil via distributed contacts and local valves to both sides of the rail device.

The gradient coil is made of lightweight carbon or honeycomb technology with local openings between the conductors to reduce supporti...