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Mobile Poppins Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245500D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-12
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Disclosed is an application for mobile devices that automatically and logically organizes application widgets and discards unused widgets from the mobile device screen.

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Mobile Poppins

Users' mobile device screens are quickly cluttered with icons for many applications. As the widget for each downloaded

application is randomly placed on a device screen, a user wastes time searching multiple unorganized screens for a desired application. In addition, if a user cannot readily locate the widget for a downloaded application, the user might forget about the application and never use it.

Currently, some mobile phones have the option to manually organize applications into folders. That does not happen automatically, unused applications may still appear, and screens need to be added or deleted manually.

An application is needed that can automatically and logically organize applications/widgets and discard unused widgets

(as the fictional Mary Poppins magically cleans cluttered rooms).

The novel contribution is the Mobile Poppins (MP) application for organizing and cleaning out widgets for applications on a smart device. The application/system is activated upon the following actions:

• The user downloads or manually adds a new application to the mobile device • The user manually changes the position of an application • The user deletes or removes an application from the mobile device screen
• Initiation of a cleanup of unused applications cleanup; initiated either by the user or automatically by MP (e.g., monthly, as configured)

The Mobile Poppins application performs the following actions in response to user actions:

• Addition of an application: MP places it in the most suitable location, near similar applications. If needed, MP adds a new screen. The best location is determined by the application category and the associated widget coloring. The MP application places similar categories and similarly colored widgets in close proximity to each other.

• Deletion of an application: MP re-orders the other applications to fit in the most efficient way and deletes empty screens

• Application cleanup: MP deletes the shortcuts/widgets from the mobile screens for applications that have not been

used in the past month (configurable) (the applications remain installed)

• Manual change: MP enables the user to determine that the chosen location is definite and cannot be moved by the application


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The Mobile Poppins application incorporates the following defined terms and abbreviations:

• Screen numbering: all screens are numbered from left to right. The left-most screen is the main screen and is numbered, #1.

• Widget Group: a group of widgets of the same category. Each widget group occupies screen space of NxM cells.

A widget group size is a screen at most.

• Fixed Widget: a widget placed by the user and marked as "don't touch". This widget is treated as a group of one

widget, with its respective height and width.

• Fixed-in-group widget: an enhancement (not discussed in the scope of this article) in which a widget placed by the user should remain fixed in its position. MP automati...