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Method of Flash Acceleration in Replication for Consistent Hash Ring Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245503D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-13
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Consistent hashing was introduced in many modern distributed storage systems. Consistent hash ring is used to store data among nodes. Data which can be identified or retrieved by a key will be distributed in a large space as a circle. The index keys of the large space are hashed. This article introduces a new methodology about acceleration by using flash technology in replication.

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Method of Flash Acceleration in Replication for Consistent Hash Ring

To avoid data loss from single or multi node failure, replica is designed. Each object will have several replicas among the ring. It can be leveraged to load balance between nodes as well.


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Current solutions with consistent hash ring do not recognize the type of storage medium which forms the ring. That means although flash storage is used as a member of the ring, the algorithm will treat it as a normal member. No optimization is available for flash storage.

In this disclosure, a method is introduced to accelerate the storing efficiency in consistent hash ring with flash storage.

A method that using replicator in consistent hash ring and flash for object movement

New hash structure with hash(replica(object#)) and object# pair in flash

Method of storing object with consistent hash ring and flash

- Object which is hot will be read/write on flash

- Object which is cold will be read/write on ring


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- Only write replication of object to flash

Method of exchanging cold/hot object

   - Hot object which turns into cold will be move back to ring - Cold object which turns into hot will be copy to flash Flash Acceleration Solution

A flash is added as add-on storage along the ring.

Hot object: Object A, Object B

E.g. Replica count = 2, each object has two replicas

hash(replica(Object#)) maps to Flash for hot object

Read/Write of Object# will redirect to replica(Object#) on Flash for...