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Method and Apparatus of Business Travel Abnormal Detect

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Publication Date: 2016-Mar-14
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A Method and Apparatus of Business Travel Abnormal Detect, Including: –Categorize the ticket feature for each expense item, by the expense distribution of the tickets. –Sample some tickets by choose the critical expense level of the distribution –Rate the sample tickets to get the rationality score –Generate the standard patterns of each item each feature group, generate the personal patterns of each item. –Calculate the score of each item of the ticket of interest. –Report the abnormal ticket according to the calculated scores.

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Method and Apparatus of Business Travel Abnormal Detect


Business travel expense becomes a considerable part of the total cost of most companies .
- Travel and entertainment represents the second largest expense for many organizations .

The management of travel expense reimbursement requires much work on travel ticket auditing .
- E.g. in a large enterprise, the travel expense reimbursement service center has about 30 employees, while 16 employees are for expense auditing.

- 16000~17000 reimbursement tickets 48 tickets / person / day

- The number is rising…


Abnormal here means:

Unnecessary business travel

Necessary travel, but unnecessary expense (meal with client, move among many sites)

Necessary expense, but abnormal expense (higher than others)

Abnormal here doesn't mean:

Expense details mismatch

- E.g. travel city mismatch, Rule violation of transportation tool …

Invoice lost or error

Per diem calculation error

Current Solution:

1. Use Travel Reservation before the travel

2. Require manager's (CFO's) approval on the expense, before and after the travel

3. Require manual audit in service center


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Main Idea

Key Point:

Categorize each item of a ticket (transportation, hotel, meal, days, …) into different Expense Levels.

Use Data itself to cross-detect the abnormal

- Company rules and regulations

       as the general constrain line
- Personal travel history record

       to figure out the pattern of the certain employee
- Other employees' travel record

to give the comparison (of the same level, similar business purpose) for the automatic audit (standard pattern)

Use Proactive Auditing Input from service center as the system calibration

- Select some samples for beforehand rating by audit team (service center, manager, CFO)