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ANNULUS HARNESS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245518D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-14
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A simple and effective annulus vent system design for flexible pipeline systems for oil and gas production is disclosed. The vent paths or tubes are interconnected to ensure venting in the event of a blockage in any of the tubes. When a blockage occurs in the tube, the tube will still be vented via the connector pipe and the other exit ports. The arrangement could theoretically provide venting even if two of the tubes are blocked, since all three vent ports would be accessible. By implementing this cost-effective design flexible pipe annulus venting could be made more reliable.

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The invention relates to annulus of a flexible pipeline system in the undersea bore wells for accessing hydrocarbon resources. Annulus venting tube blockage is not uncommon and may occur during normal operational service. The annulus is defined as the space between the outside of the hydrocarbon containing inner pressure sheath and the inside of the protective outer sheath which keeps seawater out, and typically contains the metallic components which give the pipe tensile and pressure withstanding capabilities. Typically there are three or more exit ports associated with separate or connected vent paths in each end fitting of the pipeline system. The vent paths are commonly either free venting to atmosphere, or exhausted to the outside of the end fitting through non-return valves; either way the flow path through the end fitting incorporates internal venting paths or tubes fitted into the assembly which are able to convey fluids from the pipe annulus to the exit ports. If a vent path tube were to become blocked, there are at least two more vent paths which may allow pressure to escape the annulus. If however all vent paths are blocked there is a serious risk that the outer sheath will become eventually burst, leading to exposure of the steel internal components critical to integrity to the sea water environment. It is also a difficult and time- consuming task to identify the location of any blockages or obstructions in the vent path tubing for remedial actions. Thus, blockages and obstructions in the tube could result in significant losses in revenue and severe disruption to the operations. So, there is a need for a solution to ensure uninterrupted production during the occurrence of blockages in the tubes.


The invention discloses an annulus venting system for a flexible pipeline system, wherein:

FIG.1 illustrates schematic view of an optimized design of annulus venting system of the pipeline system in hydrocarbon service.


The invention proposes a simple and effective inter-connected annulus venting system design for the vent tubes used in pipeline systems for oil and ga...