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Smart Mehtod of Managing Notification on Mobile Device

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245581D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-21
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This method includes systems and methods for determining the priority of a notification on a mobile device based on a 3-dimentional priority configuration. It will selectively display notifications based on the priority of the notifications and the priority of the currently active application. This method enable users to focus on the active application without missing the high priority notifications under various circumstances.

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Smart Mehtod of Managing Notification on Mobile Device

With the growing popularity of mobile, most business men are able to finish their daily office jobs on it.

Most mobile applications use notification for event or status updates. The notification might be the device vibration, or a pop-up banner that blocking the screen. Either way, it could interrupt the application that the user is currently using. The more application installed, the more notification you might get during a day, which is very likely to interrupt the user, and giving bad experiences.

One way to solve this issue is to turn off the all application notifications. However, some of the notifications can be useful sometimes, that the user cannot turn it off.

Is there a smart way to escape from the notification hell and get the right notification at the right time?

Core idea

Core idea

The core idea is to classify applications into different groups with different notification priority levels over time. The notification priority level of an application within a group is set to the group's priority by default, unless users manually modify it to a different priority level. While the user is using an application, only notifications with the same or higher priority will be displayed. Notifications with lower priority will be cached to be displayed after the application is either closed or running in the background .

Claim point

Smart Method of Managing Notification on Mobile Device for classifying and prioritize mobile applications incoming notifications , which comprises:

2 levels of incoming notification priority setting.

The notification priority level of group/application varies with different time. This could be defined by users.

The incoming notification priority setting in application level is precedent to that in the group setting.





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Users will not be overwhelmed by the large amount of notifications, thus providing a better user experience

Notifications will be displayed in the order of importance/priority, thus users can notice/handle the more important not...