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A smart methodology for high speed signal measurement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245582D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-21
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High speed signal is very difficult to be captured precisely. The result relay on the equipment, probing location and the stimulus configuration, etc. This new method will compromise the factors of : signal driver's characterization, equipment setting, probing location, and signal functions together, guiding the hard-ware engineer to capture the right signal wave, to minimize the system debugging cost. Currently, when hard ware engineer do the high speed signal measurement, they are inclined to believe the result only on testing equipment, such like the oscilloscope. They never think about the technical and functional requirement on how to get a right and precise signal. That will cost hard-ware engineer a lot time to judge the quality of measurement during system test. This method will give out a new method on how to get the right result of a high speed signal taking all the factors into consideration. For a high speed signal, in the schematic design phase, the designer need to make the right design for the right functions, such as the topology of different devices. In the PCB layout design phase, the design need to know how to design the metal trace to connect all the component, and the design rules come out from electrical simulation. In the system debug and test phase, the test need to know how to choose the right equipment and probes. But on current stage, the tester's task is only to capture the signal wave. He do not know if the equipment is adapt to such kind of signal measurement or not, do not know what is the meaning or function of this signal, and do not know where is the right place to get the expected signal. Under such conditions, few of the test result is believable and reasonable. The new method will use the schematic information, the device electrical models, the PCB design file, and the features and limitations of test equipment and probes, taking all these necessary information into consideration, the result will be right and precise.

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A smart methodology for high speed signal measurement

The current measurement flow, as shown in the following figure, has too much limitation here:

•People much play critical and burdened role in the current measurement.

•Current measurement is highly rely on the test people's experience and quality. For example, different people may spend different time and generate different conclusion on the same signal test.

•The current people based measurement has less sustainability. Spend much time on training new people.

The Motivation is to make test Equipment to play more role here to make the test more easier and stable.


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The current equipment and fixture can only assist the result measure directly because the measure equipment:
•Without enough knowledge of high speed signal;

•Do not aware the function of signal;

•Do not clear about the limitation of measure equipment;

•Do not clear about the physical limitation of probe;

•Without any expectation to make judgement.

But, currently, most of the test equipment all now OS based computer and can run applications. So, it is possible to give more role to the test equipment.

Let this measurement computer being smart by deploying new measurement methodology.

The new measurement methodology key points:
1.Analyzing the electrical model of devices to be measured, let "measurement" know the device's behaviors;

2.Reading the design schematic, let "measurement" know the design logic;