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A smart way of taking photos by leveraging social and mobile technologies Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245583D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-21
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When people travels to a place, an application on his/her mobile device communicates with server to find whether there is any other people have taken any "good" photos nearby, the application will notify people if it finds good photos, people can apply the same photo parameters and composition and does not need to know what the parameters mean.

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A smart way of taking photos by leveraging social and mobile technologies

Inexperienced digital camera usersusually use "Auto"setting of the camera all the time despite of powerful function of the digital camera.

For composition, users will have to read books and articles to learn the composition skills.

All people like good photos, however most people do not have time learn photographing skills or are not interested in doing that.

This disclosure discloses a method of helping i nexperienced

photographers to take good photos.

In this method, photos are shared on a social network, the photos are then ranked by certain criteria by social network users. When a photographer is travelling at a place, server searches top ranked photos taken with similar camera under similar weather condition nearby that place and pushes the photos to the photographer, the photographer can view and select one of the photo as model and apply the same parameters and composition on his photos.

The detail steps are:


1. When taking a photo, the location(e.g.: Global Positioning System, GPS) of the photographer, environment(weather, visibility and light intensity, etc) info and digital camera's settingswill be recorded together with the photo.

2. Photographer selects good photos, uploads them to a server and sharesthem on social network.

3. [

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     ]] The server retrievesweather information from weather service servers according to the location and time of each photo.

4. Social network users rankthe photos and add comments.

The rank can be multiple dimensions, for example:


Most popular photos ranked by all users

The most creative photos ranked by all users

The best photos ranked by masters

Nowadays, taking photos with digital camera and sharing photos on Internet is becoming more and more popular in people's social life. The photo parameters (e.g.: Exposure time, ISO speed, Focal length, etc.) and the composition of the photo are all key elements to taking a good photo. This requires high skills and experiences. However, to take a good photo is never an easy job for most people, especially for those people who do not have basic photographing knowledge.


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5. When another people(for example, a tourist) travels to a place, the mobile device

mobile device

camera information to server.

6. Server retrievescurrent weather information of the place and search for top ranked

top ranked

                                                           photos taken with similarcamera under similarweather condition near the current photographer 's location and pushesthese photos, their parameters and other comments to the mobile device.

7. The mob...