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Method and system to disclose personal communication preference Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245584D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-21
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This invention discloses a methodology to evaluate the communication result by leveraging rules and historical communication data, the data includes but not limited to communication method, emotion, speech, voice and tone, text, time and duration, calendar, etc. In addition, dynamic rules or models are generated with combined communication data and evaluation result. Thus recommended personal communication preference is provided for given communication scenario.

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Method and system to disclose personal communication preference

Nowadays we have multiple ways to communicate with other people. However, in many situations, we have no idea when is the right time to contact a person. Contacting a person in the wrong time can lead to quite negative impacts. For example, when a salesperson reaching out to a client who is busy or not available at that time, a big business chance might get lost. Is there a good way to suggest us when is the suitable to contact others?

All user communication data like social apps, communication content(like emotion, voice, text, time and duration), schedule, user type, habits and etc, can be collected by all kinds of agents/device. All these data is called raw communication data. In this system, a scoring evaluation tree is used to pre-process all the raw communication data based on the pre-defined rules. After that some data which doesn't match the rules is abandoned. All the left valid data is output to the machine learningfor training. As a result, lots of model(dynamic rules) for personal communication activities is generated for use. When one person wants to contact another person, system will search the dynamic rules of the target person based on the input data like person preference, person relationship and etc, after that system will match the input with the rules extracted before to construct communication suggestions. Please see the work flow chart to see the graphic process.

Scoring evaluation tree is a rating tree which is used to give the score to each of the raw communication data. Different situation has different score. The score is mainly based on user's feedback analysis. More positive the feedback is,...