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System to determine ideal conference location

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245590D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-21
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This disclosure details a method to optimize travel costs, time, and destinations of multiple people world wide, taking into account all potential costs such as flights, hotels, visa applications, vaccination costs and timelines, etc... The outcome of this is an optimized location and schedule for all the participants to meet up at.

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System to determine ideal conference location

In any international organization, or one with multiple international customers, different people from different countries need to meet in person, either for a customer visit, a conference, etc. Choosing the location among many different countries isn't easy as it requires considering many parameters such as visa requirements, cost and time of travel, availability of hotel rooms and conference facilities, etc. There needs to be a system that takes all these parameters into account and determines the best location for all interested parties to meet.

A system that takes into account as input: number of people who need to meet, their home countries, time, city preferences, visa requirements, etc. and determines the best geographical location (and venue) based on cost to have a face-to-face meeting among international participants.

A system that takes as input:

- Number of participants

- Home city/country of each participant

- Region preferences

- Visa requirements for travel locations

- Visa's that participants currently own, or any other travel restrictions
- Time preferences and/or time line

- Flight options

- Other travel options (driving, train, etc.)

- Hotel options

- Conference options

The system will take into consideration these input factors and any preferences or configuration for a particular meet up, such as proximity to a client (if needed), geographical preference (meet somewhere in Europe, or another continent), Visa requirements and what's involved with getting one (cost and time frame needed for a US national to acquire a visa to India), availability of hotel rooms, their cost, availability of conference facilities, and provide a list of potential places for a conference to happen based on cost, timing, and flight availability and travel ti...