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Reticle Area Qualification Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245608D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-21
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Disclosed is a method for reticle area qualification for manufacturing processes.

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Reticle Area Qualification Method


Disclosed is a method for reticle area qualification for manufacturing processes.


Manufacturing processes have variations that depend on circuit location within a reticle (e.g., across-chip variation (ACV), reliability, performance, etc.) Reticle region dependence is much worse early in the technology. Yield issues early in technology result in one or more regions not being present in model/hardware and/or stress samples. When yield is resolved, parts are shipped, impact on functionality is unknown, impact on reliability is unknown, and this results in shipping parts with possible functionality issues.

Figure 1: Reticle region

Figure 2: Current process

Solution/Novel Contribution

The novel solution comprises three options.

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Option 1: Set qualification criteria for each region of reticle. Each region must meet the requirements or it cannot be qualified/shipped.

Option 2: Set qualification criteria for total distribution (only reticle region variation). The sum of reliability for each region is x% in manufacturing distribution or must be equal to or less than allowed reliability.

If both the reticle region and wafer region variations are considered,

Where I is the index for different reticle regions and j is the index for different wafer regions.

Option 3: Ship parts from different regions as different reliability grades to different requirements.

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Figure 3: New process...