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Adaptable Heat Sink for Use in Highly Configurable Electronics Enclosures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245640D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-23
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Disclosed is an adaptable heat sink for use in highly configurable electronics enclosures. The heat sink adapts by adjusting its base via a hinge of some sort to accommodate for DASD, GPUs, memory, hard drives, or other components. Furthermore, the heat sink is able to improve its performance when used on a single heat-dissipating component.

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Adaptable Heat Sink for Use in Highly Configurable Electronics Enclosures

Commodity servers require multiple different possible configurations to remain competitive in as many markets as possible and attain high volumes. This typically means the same physical volume of space within a server needs to support different devices depending on the selected configuration. The processor heat sink region is one such volume where, depending on the configuration, could instead have hard drives, memory, or even nothing in order to accommodate increased airflow for another component in the box (e.g., a GPU). These configurations typically require custom baffling, fillers, and/or multiple different processor heat sinks to maintain efficient thermal design. The need arises to reduce the number of different components required for these different configurations to be as cost competitive as possible.

    An adaptable heat sink that can be used for multiple different configurations is proposed. The heat sink uses one or more hinges and attaching members to either cover multiple heat dissipating components, or to fold upon itself and allow room for other components. While folded, an additional benefit of this heat sink could increase the allowable heat dissipation of the remaining component in thermal contact with the adaptable heat sink. Using a single heat sink in this fashion reduces the number of components needed to stock in manufacturing and in the field and would reduce cost. A...