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Bone Model Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245651D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-24
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A Bone model composed of removable rigid outer shell and spongy shapeable segment(s)

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A Bone Model Composed of Removable Rigid Outer Shell and Spongy Shapeable Segment(s)


There is a need for an anatomical representative, cost effective table top bone model that is

reusable, easy to segment and interacts with low strength rapid prototyped parts.


This model could be applied for medical device trainings, demonstrations, and usability testing. Current bone models are often made of one continuous part and require high strength or powered tools to shape and gain entry.

(1) The proposed bone model can be disassembled to simulate a bone-removal-step or to gain access

to further segments. (2) Second, bone segments can be reassembled easily, for example using

matching geometries or disposable bindings. (3) Third, spongy segments deform at low force allowing

shaping with and insertion of low strength parts, for example plastic rapid prototypes. After use, the

rigid outer shell segments are disassembled and the spongy segment(s) can be removed and analyzed

regarding shape and form or discarded and replaced.

A femur hip replacement bone model has been developed (see attached images) consisting of an

anterior rigid shell half, a posterior rigid shell half, a rigid head with pins for assembly, and a floral

foam core. The two shell halves are assembled using an adhesive such as transparent tape. The two

shell halves have a base that can be clamped to a table using a c-clamp. The head can be easily pulled

off to simulate a neck resection (no sawing required...