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Break Tube Feedback System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245654D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-24
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Feedback based system of Brake clips

Brake tubes need to be properly seated in the clips. If there is any mismatch, then the brake tube rattles.

Sometimes it can rub against surrounding component and can cause rattle. However for an operator working in a plant system, there is not good way of telling if the tube has been properly seated in the clips. The error proof system for doing this to make a system that can be tied to the line. Also that system has to be automatic, without requiring any extra effort in terms of the operator. This is because the operator is busy and has lot of jobs to do.

In the following picture, the brake line is shown after being snapped into clips. The process of snapping is an interference fit and generates noise. The objective of this innovation is to capture the noise with a microphone.

The solution for connecting the brake tube is to have a microphone tied to the back of person's hand. If there is an audible click it is sometimes impossible to hear it audibly at the plant. However, if a microphone picks it up from the back of a person's hand and then transmits wirelessly over to the line, then the click can be contained. If there is a lack of click then the threshold won't be reached and the line will stop. This will then alert the operator to redo the operation.