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Mobile Equipment hardware encryption method and system based on IMEI Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245665D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-28
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This innovation presents a method and system to improve the security of mobile equipments by adding a encryption/decryption module to the mobile device, and encrypt/decrypt messages by public/private key generated based on device's IMEI.

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Mobile Equipment hardware encryption method and system based on IMEI

In order to improve the safety, most mobile payment business applications provide the function that random password or verification code send to the user's mobile equipment. But now, fake phone numbers (SIM card) or phishing websites can easily intercept these messages. Furthermore, these messages always send in plain text, so that user information can be easily cracked and may cause economic losses or spiritual loss of users. The purpose of the present invention is to overcome the shortcomings and the insufficiency of the existing technology, provide a kind of
data encryption method and system based on IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identity) to avoid the key messages in plain text received by unauthorized device.

The present invention is directed to a manner of enhancing communication data security of mobile equipment by encrypting the contents with IMEI. This is expected to be particularly advantageous to applications involving financial institutions, E-business institutions and in other situations where privacy is a concern. Our method introduces a encrypt/decrypt module to the mobile equipment, it generates a pair of unique public key and private key based on IMEI of current mobile device. When third party application like online-banking wants to send a verification code through SMS to mobile user, it will use the mobile equipment's public key to encrypt the contents then send back to...