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Method to manage Application on the phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245666D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-28
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A new method to group multiple applications together quickly

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Method to manage Application on the phone

In the current age, mobile phone takes an important part in people's life, especially the smartphones. Almost everyone uses the smartphones at anytime and anywhere with mobile applications installed on the phone. Now it is easy to find thousands of Mobile Applications in the Application store, and it is common to find people install a lot of Applications on their phone which can make them acquire

     more convenience. But there is one thing inconvenient here,managing the applications. Mobile user usually wants to put the applications with similar functions or similar features together, but it's not a pleasant experience to group tens or even hundreds of applications by moving them one by one.

Generally, people tend to install several applications on their phones, and the applications can be placed on several pages. The most common way to group the applications together is to move the applications one by one and put them in the same folder. In this way, it cannot handle two or more applications at the same time. When the applications are on the same page, the manage action is not so boring, but when the applications are distributed on different pages, it is a troublesome and inconvenient way to move them from one page to another and then group them. This disclosure discloses a new method to manage applications to solve the inconvenient issue. The main idea is that when pressing some empty area on the screen, a new virtual fol...