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A method to automatically hide sensitive information in notification page of smartphone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245694D
Publication Date: 2016-Mar-31

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In smart mobile phones, there's a notification feature. When new short message or application notification comes while phone is locked up, notification message will show up at the lock up screen, and you also can slide from the top of phone screen to active notification list. Obviously there's big risk to leak sensitive information as anybody can see that no matter whether you know the phone's unlock password or not. More the worse, currently, many websites and systems uses short message to send users validation code when user wants to login the websites, or use these systems, mobile phone's notification feature may leak the verification code that may cause serious conseqence. In this article, a method to hide the sensitive part of a short meessage is disclosed.

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A method to automatically hide sensitive information in notification page of smartphone

The message notification receieved by a mobile phone looks like images below:


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What we claimed are:

(1) For a first received message, user is allowed to set it as sensitive TYPE by using gesture on the notification area of mobile device

1.1 User can further use the cover gesture to set the sensitive part in this message and use it as a template, the message body that being swept will show a unified symbol. 1.2 System will automatically hide all numbers or words that include numbers, or words that all in capital letters, or special symbols, or words whoes first letter is lower case, but have capital letters in later (e.g. rT23b) 1.3 Another embodiment would be system will also help user to conclue the pattern by comparing the first message and the second message that set identical as user. 1.4 Another embodiment would be system auto category the message as identical if they have the same sending ID (e.g. phone-number), or coming from the same application.

Our solution intelligently hide sensitive information based on comparison on similar messages. Here messages include short messages and notification messages from mobile applications.

As those messages are sent by system or apps automatically, they're well structured, and following same patterns. While sensitive information are the difference part among those messages.

Take a short message from Company A which contains sensitive validation code for example. The original messages look like:


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With our method to hide sensitive information, messages become:

Our system supports to manually configure the information needs to hide, as well as automatically hide sensitive information. Manual Way

Uses can configure to hide certain information manually following below steps:

1. In the notification message page, select the message which needs to hide some information, sweep left.


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2. Click the "Lock" button in the right of the message.


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3. Use your finger to sweep the information which needs to hide, in below snapshot, the information need to hide is the detail validation code.


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4. Overview the message with hidden part, click Yes to confirm the configuration.


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5. Then all related message will show like below, with...